The national May Day labor diploma award-winning unitLanzhou high pressure valve co., LTD(The original high pressure valve plant in lanzhou)Founded in1938Years,2003In the province、The city、With the support from the departments at all levels,By the restructuring and reorganization of state-owned enterprises for non-public enterprises,Is the only a collection of high temperature to the five northwestern provinces、High pressure、High alloy、The low temperature、Large diameter(简称“3 tall one low one”)Valve research and development、Design、Smart and sale as a wholeNational high and new technology enterprise,TooGansu province people's government of the awardAward-winning unit。The company's registered capital1One hundred million yuan,Cover an area of an area380Mu;Existing80New products obtained national patent(The invention patent15Items),To undertake a number of national key projects of valve development and production tasks,To fill the domestic valve lineIndustry“In the generation”The technology gap,Got a new、The height of the old customers recognition,Widely used in petroleum、Chemical industry、Coal chemical industry、Natural gas、Metallurgy、Coking、Aeronautics and astronautics、Military industry and other industries a variety of harsh conditions。

2018Company technology center by the national development and reform commission (NDRC)、Ministry of science and technology、The ministry of finance、The general administration of customs、The state administration of taxation5Government ministries identified asNational enterprise technology center,This is for the company in the innovation ability、Innovation mechanism and leading the exemplary role of the level of excellence and performance of national recognized once again,On behalf of the valve industry the highest research level of scientific research base。


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